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Shaking Water Bath

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Reciprocal shaking & heating baths.
All BS Models feature rapid and accurate shaking by adopting silent and anti-vibration BLDC (Brushless DC) motors. And their precise and constant temperature control provides ideal sample incubation conditions suitable for DNA, tissue, or cell culture applications.

Operating Features
• +5℃ above room temperature to 100℃.
• Microprocessor PID control / auto tuning / calibration.
• Digital timer for delayed ON / OFF. (from 1 min to 99 hr 59 min)
• Protection against over-temperature.
• Digital LED display. (0.1℃ and 1 rpm resolution)
• Splash-proof keypad.

Constructional Features
• Separate control keys for shaker mechanism allowing the unit also to be used as a constant temperature bath.
• Minimal shock to the samples thanks to the shaker’s gentle start feature.
• Multiple LED displays for setting various values.
• Isolated design of agitator, heater, and sensor by a baffle plate to minimize the turbulence in the bath fluid and also to protect users and samples against direct contact.
• Removable shaking carriage designed for external assembly avoiding direct contact with the bath fluid.
• Minimization of the liquid loss and dripping of the bath liquid into the samples thanks to the included gable cover.
• Included SUS 304 spring wire rack with double-two-tier providing various ways of glassware settings.

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